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White Marble Sai Baba Murti for Home and Offices made in Makrana marble

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This is a Makrana Marble Sai Baba Statue made in natural white Marble with well Carving has been done in this statue from all the sides. This Posture of Sai baba has been designed from the Shridi Sai baba Statue with only face has been designed in this Statue.

Item Details:- 

  • Materials:- 100% Natural Marble
  • Marble:- Makrana Marble
  • Polished:- Yes
  • Size:-
  • Height:- 9inches
  • Width:- 3.5inches
  • Depth:- 3.5inches
  • Shipping:- All over the World

We can deliver this statue anywhere in the world you have to only place the order for this statue.


Shipping Availablility

You can get this Product in

India:- 6 to 7days

Anywhere Else:- 8-10Days

*Please Check the Description Also that the statue is in stock or Advance Booking on the statue*

We do Best Packaging of the Product we use Steel Boxes for the Packaging of the Product when we send our shipment out of India.

If you need your shipment in India we send through our we deliver our statues with our Transport in India. To Know More abour the Packaging and shipping you can Know More

How to Take care of the statue

Taking care of the statues is very simple. We will Tell you in simple steps:-

1) You can Take a Dry Cloth for Cleaning the Flowers and dust (Don't Clean it very Hard clean it very Softly)

2) If you use Water for Cleaning the statue use a Spray of Water for Cleaning the Statue.

3) Don't use Curd or Panchamitra everyday use it once a week because it has acid in it it will Clean the Painting done on the statue.

* Don't Rub the Statue with a brush or a Conical Thing*

So these are the Thing you have to keep in Mind when you take care of the statues.

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