Shipping and Packaging


We do 2 types of Shipping:-

1) Domestic Shipping

2) International shipping

Domestic Shipping in India 

BMBIDOLS do shipping in all over India through our Transportation System by BUS, Trains, Tempo, Pickup Jeep, Etc at a minimum Prices. We do Shipping in all states like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharasthra, Arunachal Pradesh, New Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and in all over India. 

International Shipping out Of India  

If you need any statue out of India we also deliver internationally at a Limited Prices through our Partner Shipping Companies like DHL, UPS, TNT TRACKING, FEDex etc. We send the Parcel outside India with Insurance has been done on the Parcel. 

BMBIDOLS use these companies for sending parcels

With the Foam Packaging has to be done on the statue that is known as chemical Packaging that does not require Bubble Sheet Packaging like Stuff. 



Domestic Packaging of the Statue

In Domestic Packaging of the statue we use a Card Board with thermocol Sheets and Bubble Sheets for Packaging of the statue. 

For Big Statues in Domestic Packaging we use Wooden Boxes for Packaging of the statue with Bubble Packaging has been done in the statue.

Thermocal Packaging of the statue

 Thermocal Packaging done in the statue

International Packaging of the statue 

In International Packaging of the statue we use a steel Box with Foam Packaging has been done in the statue as shown Below:-

Durga mata Foam Packing

Now we will Tell you how the Foam Packaging has been done in the statue:-

Foam Packing of the statue

Step1:-  We take a Steel Box and put a Plastic Sheet we put Chemical Foam on that sheet you can see it in next step.

 Foam Packaging of the statue

Step2:- We have started putting chemical on the Sheet now it will raise up and grow up in Foam

Foam Packaging of the Marble statue

 Step3:- The Foam has started Growing up.

 Foam Packaging of the Marble Murti

Step4:- The Foam is grown up and Taking its Form

 Packing of Marble Statue Foam packaging Shiv Parivar Marble murti

Step5:- The Foam has grown and we have putted the statue on the Foam and now we will also throw the Chemical above statue by putting a sheet on the statue.

 Marble murti ki Foam wali packing

Step6:- In this Image we have started doing Foam Packing on the statue 

 Step:-8 Now the Packing has been done in the statue from all the sides now we will close the Box and the statue is ready for sending to our Clients.

That is how the Foam packaging has been done 

If the Statue or the Temple is Big we use Wooden box For packaging the statue.

We also do the Insurance of the statue when we deliver the statue outside the India from the Companies like ICICI LOMBARD.


"So Don't Worry about the Shipping and Packaging your statue will Safely arrive"

Packaging of the statue :-