Our Story

Radha krishna

Started our Artwork in Year 1975s.

It all Started with our Grandfather they started the manufacturing of Marble Statues in the Year 1975 when they do Handcrafting work on the statues and make statues for the local Customers. BMBIDOLS has all started a Journey with a small shop where we handcarve our statues and give supply to our Customers in Jaipur.

Now in this New Era we have opened a new Site that you know the name of the Site is BMBIDOLS.COM you can select or Compare any statue here on our Site with our statues.

Manufacturing of the Marble Statue

 In BMBIDOLS here you can see a different variety of statues with different Designs has been done in the statue. Each of our statues that we make are extensively different Looking statues. Here we give an each and every details in the statue from the all sides.

If you want to know that how we make our statues you can Know Here 


"As an Artist all Statues are Showing their Features you need to pick the statue that is perfect for you" 

Sketching on the Marble  

 Artist Showing the Artwork 

 Painting work going on in the statue

 Artist Showing the Artwork 

 Here we have have some images of our Clients have shared with us


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Hi all, I highly recommend BMBIDOLS for purchasing idols/ muhurtis. I purchased Maa Padmavati idol and is very beautiful. They have done a fabulous job in detailing every aspect of the muhurti. The idol looks very real and just seems she is smiling and giving her blessings to all of us. Thank you so much BMBIdols!,

Manish Sheth,

Madison, WI, USA

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