How we manufacture our Marble Statues in Each Steps

Hello there, today you will know how the BMBIDOLS Manufactures there statue with in the Workshop in each and every step we will tell you:-

We will tell you the process in each steps:-

Step1:- First we Find a Marble Block 

BMBIDOLS find a Marble Block that has no type of issues like Cracks, Black Spots etc. After that we use a Marble that has been well Furnished which have no issues.

Marble Blocks

This are the Image When the Marble has comed from the Mines of Marble. After that we do.

Step2:- We make a Sketch on the Marble Block for Making Statue 

Our Artisans makes a Sketch on the statue that how we make the statue after that we finalize the Posture in which we have to make the statue in the Marble Block.









As you can see in the above image we have make the Sketch on the Marble that how we will make the statue.

Step3:- Starting of the Carving work in Marble statue 

Here we do all carving work in the statue and make the statue as per the Posture we have Decided to make in the statue.






You can see the Image that how we have carved our statue as per in the decided image of it.


Step4:- Designing of the Ornaments, Hairs, jewellery etc....

In this Step we design we design the Hair or Jewellery of the statue as we like the art to be made in the statue.








As you have seen that how we have designed the Ornaments, Hairs or Jewellery of the statue. Let's move on the Next Step.

Step5:- Polishing Work in the statues 

In this step we do the polishing work of the statue where we give mirror like Shinning Surface on the statues.







In this Image you can see that how we do Polishing in our statue that the statues Glow like a Mirror. Let's move to the Next step

Step6:- Painting Work of the Statues

In this Step you can see that how we Paint our statue. There are diffrent types of Paintings that we do in our Statues





Here you can see that how we paint our statues in a very well defined Manner.

So these are the all Steps where you have seen that how BMBIDOLS Manufacture there statues.....